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Rehabilitation–YAKKUM Craft Centre is a non-governmental, Christian social foundation, a subsidiary body of YAKKUM (Christian Public Health Foundation). YAKKUM Rehabilitation-YAKKUM Craft Centre provides rehabilitation for children and young adults with physical disabilities. read more

2006-07-30 09:20:00, Report
Just now, we are in the critical phase of emergency in rehabilitation. Nearly all patients which are coming to us are having already more serious health problems because of a lack of physiotherapy since the earthquake has happened. Another problem we are facing is the unclear future for most of out patients. Nearly all have lost their homes and especially for our paraplegic patients. This is a big tragedy. We have to find support for a house because a discharge to a tent is not possible. The patients we get from the help show the result of a discharge to a tent without thinking about the living conditions in a complete destroyed area. Read more




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